Basic Core Stats

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These control how the dog reacts to other entities and interacts with you. The tips of each mode appear when you hover above the modes.

  • Docile (D): In this mode, your dog will follow you but not attack anything. They will also play fetch with you when you throw the Throw Bone or Throw Stick.
  • Wandering (W): In this mode, your dog will stay near its bowl and wait for your next command.
    • To set your dog's bowl, simply place one and bring your dog within 1 block of it.
    • As soon as you put your dog in this mode, the block will act as an anchor right underneath the dog.
      Ammy is in Guard mode
  • Aggressive (A): In this mode, your dog will follow you and attack anything that either attacks you or that you attack.
  • Berserker (B): In this mode, your dog will follow you and will attack any mob that draws near or mobs that you attack.
    • Berserker Minor (Bm): Won't attack Piglins and Endermen.
  • Patrol (P): Wandering + Berserker Mode. Your dogs will anchor a location and attack mobs that enter the radius.
  • Guard (G): In this mode, your dog will follow you closely, and will attack any mob that draws near.
    • Guard Flat: (Gb): Won't attack Piglins and Endermen.
    • Guard Minor: (Gm): Won't attack any mobs but will growl to warn you if any hostile mobs get close with the exception of dogs who have the Creeper Sweeper Talent, which, in that case, they will only growl if the mob is a Ceeper (configurable).
  • Tactical (T): In this mode, your dog will follow you but will not attack anything unless you use the Whistle to attack the entity you Right-click with the item in hand.
  • Injured (I): Check out Immortal Dogs for more information.
    • In this mode, your dog's health will be fixed at 1/2 of a heart (1 HP) and will not reach 0, preventing the dog from dying.
    • In this mode, your dog will be visually injured, and it will not attack nor will let you interact with it (except when sitting down).
    • To force the dog to exit the mode at full health, give them a Totem of Undying.
    • This mode can be turned off in the configuration settings.

Nourishment Points

Jack is full.
  • The number in between represents how many nourishment points the dog has left.
  • The maximum number of Nourishments Points a dog can have is 120. Once this number reaches 0, the dog will begin to take damage (basically starving) until it either dies or reaches 1 HP.
  • This feature is said to balance out the OP-ness of the talents itself.
Wolfy and her Soulmate


  • (Biological) Genders affect how dogs breed. These are configurable. With genders enabled, dogs are distinguished as Female and Male dogs (represented by their respective (F) and (M) above the dog's name on the right side).
  • Dogs of each gender will only breed with those that are opposite to their gender. So be careful when using the Breeding Bone.