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Here is the list of advancements and how you can get in DTN:


Achievement/Advancement How to get?
Hajimemashite, Buddy! Train your first dog!
Ah, you scared me! Summon your first dog via the Doggy Charm.
Suuussssannooo!! Get your dog drunk using Sake.
DTN.. T!!!!! Doggy TNT! Summon your first Doggy Explosion!
Don't worry! It's Sterile. Apply a Band-Aid on an Injured Dog.
A Full Recovery! Help your Injured Dog heal.
The Best Dog-tor! Help your injured dog heal under the best conditions.


Achievement/Advancement How to get?
The Whole Pack - Ossia TRAIN ALL 9 WOLF VARIANTS! (Rare variants are still counted as a counterpart to the regular variants)