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This is a simple guide on how to get started with Doggy Talents Next.

Obtaining a Trained Dog

Before anything, you must obtain a Trained Dog first. There are currently two ways to achieve this:

From Vanilla Wolves/Dogs to Trained Dogs

Use a Training Treat to train your first Doggo!

This is the standard way to get your Trained Dog. A vanilla wolf is required.

  1. You can obtain them as usual in the game by feeding a wolf in the wild bones until his texture changes and heart particles appear. (DTN 1.18.0+): You can now directly convert an untamed Wolf into Trained Dogs with a Training Treat.
  2. Right click the vanilla wolf/dog you want to train and feed him a Training Treat.
  3. It now turns into a DTN Trained Dog!
Doggy charm.png

Initial Summoning

If you have enable_starting_items set to true on your server configuration file. You can use the Doggy Charm from the Starter Bundle automatically presented in your inventory when you first join that world.

Accessing the Dog Menu

Right-click with a Stick

To begin interacting with your dog, Right-click the Dog anytime with the Stick, or Sneak + Right click (DTN 1.18.0) the GUI will open. From there you can start customizing your dog, naming, adjusting your dog mode, etc.
More information can be found in Dog Menu...


  • Trained Dogs are now becoming Immortal.
  • They can only be bred by Breeding Bones.
  • They have nourishment points which means having food in your inventory is a must. You don’t want your furry friend to starve.

…See more in Behaviors.