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” To begin interacting with your dog, a Stick can be used to access the dog’s Menu.

Right-click the dog anytime with the item in either hand or the GUI will open. From there you can start customizing your dog, naming him, adjusting your dog mode, etc. “


The Dog Menu consists of several switchable tabs which can be accessed at the bottom of your screen. Those are:

  • Home (which you’re currently on), Talents, Style, and Stats.

To navigate to a tab, you can either use the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen or your Left and Right Movement Keys to quickly switch between the tabs.

Dog Menu - Home Tab


The information in the top right (includes Health, Speed, Owner, Age, and Gender) shows the important and basic information about your dog.

  • Health: displays your dog’s current health and its maximum amount.
  • Speed: shows your dog’s current movement speed.
  • Owner: shows the current owner of the dog; if you own the dog, it will simply say you, while if another player opens the menu, this tab will display the dog’s original owner.
  • Age: displays the dog’s current age. (0=Baby; 1=Adult)
  • Gender: displays the dog’s gender.
  • Variant: display the variant that you initially trained your dog.

Below the basic information, you will be greeted with a Bar which switches between the behaviors of the dog.

Next to the Bar is a button to access the Edit Info Menu.

Edit Info Menu

Here you can change your dog’s name. Enter the new name in the black text box then press Apply

  • Friendly Fire: If set to true, you’ll be able to hurt your dog. (seriously why tho?)
  • Obey Others: If set to true
    • Let other players interact with your doggo.
    • Needed for Amnesia Bone
  • Regard Team Players: If set to true, this dog will be able to support other players with the same team as yours.
  • Force Sit: Prevent some actions that may cause the dog to stand up. Ex: Greet, Extinguish burning.
  • Cross-Origin Teleport: If set to true, this dog will automatically teleport to you whenever you switch dimensions or distant teleporting.
  • Patrol Target Lock: By default, patrol dogs will stop attacking target if they left the patrol area. Turning this on will force this dog to keep attacking in that case.
  • Hide Armor: Disable Doggy Armor's visibility.
  • Auto Mount: Like vanilla entities, dogs will auto-mount boats, minecarts, etc...
  • Low Health Strategy:
    • None: The dog continues to do whatever it’s doing despite being low on health.
    • Run Away: The dog will stay alert and try to run away from the enemies.
    • Stick to Owner: The dog will stay close to the owner while being low on health. It also whines to notify the owner that it’s being low.
  • Groups: Let you easily organize the pack (naming, color coding) if you have too many doggos with the Whistle.

Doggy Artifacts

Here you can equip your doggos with various artifacts that will give your dogs awesome abilities!

Dog Menu - Edit Info
Dog Menu - Doggy Artifact

Dog Menu - Talents Tab


This is the core feature of the mod.

At this tab, you can train your dogs to do all sorts of different things

See more on Talents.

Dog Menu - Style Tab


- Accessories: Here you can modify the dog's accessories.

+ Click on the Accessory's item icon to equip/unequip.

- Skins: You can switch between the default skins or install a texture pack to have more options to choose from.


This tab shows the statistics of your doggo. For instance: damages dealt to mobs, or distance traveled…