DTN's Palette Of Paws Variant Checklist

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Last updated: 1.1

Here's the list of the DTNP variants that you could find and their location.


No. Variant Location Image Special
1 Cherry Cherry Grove
  • Cherry Petal Trails
2 Lemony Lime Beach
3 Himalayan Salt Jagged Peaks
4 Bamboo Bamboo Jungle
5 Birch Birch Forest
6 Pistachio Mangrove Swamp
7 Guacamole Meadow
8 Yuzu Snowy Beach
9 Cappuccino Dark Forest
10 Espresso
11 Latte
12 Mocha
13 Bonito Flakes Wooded Badlands
14 Brown Mushroom Mushroom Field
15 Red Mushroom
16 Kombu Desert
17 Shitake Dark Forest
18 Enoki Desert
19 Strawberry Snowy Plains
20 Vanilla
21 Chocolate
Total: 21


No. Variant Location Image Special
1 Crimson Crimson Forest
2 Warped Warped Forest
3 Molten Basalt Deltas
  • Lava Particle and Trails
  • Fire, Fall Damage Immune
4 Withered Soul Soul Sand Valley
  • Soul Fire Particle
  • Fire, Fall Damage Immune
Total: 4


No. Variant Location Image Special
1 VSCode unobtainable through survival (for now)
Total: 1


Obtainable in survival: 25