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Sample Page: Baker hat.png Baker's Hat

  • Flying cape.png Flying Cape
  • Lab coat.png Lab Coat
  • Ceremonial garb.png Ceremonial Garb
  • Flatcap.png Flat Cap
  • Wool collar thicc.png Thick Wool Collar
  • Locator orb dyable.png Dyeable Locator Orb
  • Angel wings.png Angel Wings
  • Dog plushie toy item.png Dog Plushie
  • Hot dog.png Hot Dog
  • Snorkel.png Snorkel
  • Giant stick.png Broomstick
  • Head band blank.png Head Band
  • Kitsune mask.png Kitsune Mask
  • Tengu mask.png Tengu Mask
  • Demon horns.png Demon Horns
  • Plague doctor mask.png Plague Doctor Mask
  • Witch hat.png Witch Hat
  • Superdog suit.png SuperDog Suit
  • Bat wings.png Bat Wings
  • Crow wings.png Crow Wings
  • Divine retribution.png Divine Retribution
  • Soul reflector.png Soul Reflector
  • Fedora.png Fedora
  • Propeller hat.png Propeller Hat
  • Angel halo.png Angel Halo
  • Upright piano.gifUpright Piano
  • Grand piano.gifGrand Piano