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Dog Render (Client)

Directory: <your_minecraft_folder>\config\doggytalents-client.toml

Enables the particle effect on Full Kami dogs.

  • enable_kami_particles = false

Disable this if you want to force all Pack Puppy Dog to not render their Chest.

  • render_chest = true

Enable this if you prefer to have The Classical Skin rendered on all dog regardless.

  • always_render_classical = false

When enabled, Dogs will show injured texture while injured.

  • render_incapacitated_overlay = true

When sneaking, a part of the dog's name will be rendered with a certain color, and the length of the part is based on the health percentage the dog has left.

  • render_health_in_name = true

Configure what will be displayed in the middle of each of the info section (e.g Hunger, Gender, Mode) when rendering the Dog Status String located above the main Dog Name String.

  • dog_info_seperator = " · "

Configure the format that will be used to display hunger value when rendering the Dog Status String located above the main Dog Name String.

  • dog_info_hunger_format = "%d"

Render a universal dog inventory access button in your inventory GUI. If this is turned off, you can still access the button via the dog's GUI in Talents > Pack Puppy.

  • dog_inv_button_in_inv = true

If the default injured texture proof too many graphics. You can substitute this friendlier texture instead.

  • render_incap_txt_less_graphic = false

Render the dog's name whose owner is not you with a different color.

  • render_diffowner_name_different = true

Do not render dogs' names whose owner is not you.

  • render_diffowner_name_dont = false

Always render dog nametags regardless even if player blocks it by F1 mode.

  • always_render_dog_name = false

Attempt to block third parties from rendering overlays which may conflict with DT's built-in tag. It is recommended that this be achieved via the target third-party's configurations if they have the option to disable nametag overlay for certain mobs (which they should). This option should only be used as the last resort.

  • block_third_party_nametag = false

By default, a copy of the Classical (Vanilla Wolf Texture) provided by the mod is used to render The Classical Skin, this is to avoid conflicts with resource packs like Fresh Animations which are directly using the in-game wolf texture. Turning this on will make DTN directly reference the in-game texture.

  • use_vanilla_res_for_classical = false

Show a fun icon on world loading screen.

  • world_load_icon = true

DTN's fun little world loading icon will occasionally show Ammy instead of Classical Pale. Disable this to force the icon to always show Classical Pale.

  • ammy_spinna = true

Determine if dogs will render their armor.

  • render_armor = true

Determine if dogs still render with a red overlay upon hurt like they usually do. This can be toggled on if the user prefers to not have the red overlay and relies on the animation to indicate hurting.

  • block_red_overlay_when_hurt = false

Display extra smoke when the dog is on fire.

  • display_smoke_when_on_fire = true

By default, dogs will render items in their mouth, regardless of models. This can be disabled if you prefer not to render it on some less compatible model.

  • mouth_item_force_render = true

Specify the max latency allowed before force adjusting the animation time client side to sync with server's animation time. The unit is in ticks. Provide a non-positive integer to disable this. Value from 0 to 7 both inclusive will be defaulted to 7.

Range: > -2147483648

  • max_animation_latency_allowed = 10

Currently, DTN is utilizing a new system for rendering Doggy Armor's Armor which allows DTN to directly use any texture which the armor item provided for the player, thus better replicating third-party armor. Set this to true if you prefer to use the old system instead.

  • use_legacy_dog_armor_render = false

By default, DTN will try querying models from third parties designed for the player when rendering helmet on the Dog. Disable this to force DTN to use either vanilla's player model or DTN provided model designed for Dogs (specified by the below option).

  • use_third_party_player_helmet_model = false

By default, if there is no custom Helmet Armor model for the Helmet Item, DTN will use its own helmet armor model designed for DTN Dog to render it on the Dog's head. Enable this to make DTN reuse the player's Helmet Model instead.

  • use_player_helmet_model_by_default = false

Enable this to allow every World which is running on this Minecraft instance's Integrated Server to provide new players with a Starter Bundle regardless of the world's serverconfig.

  • enable_starter_bundle_by_default = false

Some special Dog Variants may display some special effects clientside. Set this to false to disable this behaviour.

  • dog_variant_client_effect = true

Server Config

Directory: <your_minecraft_folder>\saves\<your_world_name>\serverconfig\doggytalents-server.toml

By default, Dogs can starve to Injured if are not fed properly. Disable this to prevent this behavior. Do note that you can still feed your Dog to recover health.

  • disable_hunger = false

When enabled, DTN will provide new players of this world (relative to the point that this option is first enabled on this world) a Starter Bundle which contains certain key items which assist you in starting with DTN.

  • enable_starter_bundle = false

By default, each Dog will be one of the Biological Genders. This, like how Biological Genders work, adds restrictions on how Dogs can breed. Therefore, only Dogs whose gender is Biologically Opposed can mate with each other. Set this to true to disable this behavior.

  • disable_dog_gender = false

When enabled, puppies get some levels from parents. When disabled, puppies start at 0 points.

  • enable_pup_get_parent_levels = false

When enabled, dogs cannot be killed by any means (except creative-mode-bypass damage, in that case, you can still respawn your dog using his linked bed or commands). Instead, when his health reaches Zero, he will go into Injured Mode.

  • immortal_dogs = true

When enabled, dog can play tag with you. To make them play, throw a snowball at them.

  • play_tag_with_dog = true

When enabled, dogs will start to miss you when you leave them for too long. and when you come back, they will rush to you and greet you with love!

  • dog_greet_owner = true

Specify how many dogs can greet you when you approach more than one missing dog. The remaining dogs will remain in their position. To disable the limit, set this to any non-positive integer. Although this will cause all of your dogs to stand up and greet. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :).

Range: > -2147483648

  • dog_greet_owner_limit = 5

Option to disable dogs who mastered Creeper Sweeper and are able to tackle Creepers. This is helpful if players intend their Creeper Sweeper master dogs to focus on fighting Creeper instead of warning you, which may cause a bunch of false positives due to the range being so wide that it includes Creepers which are not in danger zone or not reachable.

  • max_creeper_sweeper_dont_growl = true

Option to disable friendly fire for all players toward all dogs. This is used to always be the case with friendly fire disabled for a single dog.

  • all_player_cannot_attack_dog = false

Option to prevent dogs from accidentally going into a portal and getting unnecessarily transferred to another dimension, causing the owner to have to take them back. The preferred way to make a dog go to another dimension is to have Cross Origin Teleport set to true on that dog.

  • all_dog_block_portal = true

Define how many dogs a player can listen to commands which summon more than one dog to you at the same time. Set this to any negative value to remove the limit completely.

Range: > -2147483648

  • max_heel_limit = 20

Adjust this value to increase or decrease the Dog's hunger speed to your liking. Example: Set this to 0.5 to halve the Dog Hunger decrease speed.

  • hunger_modifier = 1

Determine if the UUIDs of the dogs are being kept when training from vanilla and when they respawn on bed. This also allows Duplication Detection.

  • preserve_uuid = true

Duplication Detection. Specify what to do when a Duplication is detected when third parties are trying to load the dog from their own copy. Option is specified via the following Integer values.

  • 0 - Throw an exception out, this may produce a crash. However, this is the recommended way.
  • 1 - Silently remove the dog.
  • Other - Do nothing.

Range: > -2147483648

  • duplication_resolve_strategy = 0

By default, you can directly train an untamed wolf to a Dog with a Training Treat. Set this to True to disable.

  • train_untamed_wolf = false

By default, Dogs respawning from bed after being killed will be injured and are required to be nursed back to life. Set this to False to disable.

  • dog_respawn_incapacitated_when_killed = true

Enable this if you prefer Mob Retriever to only work with DTN's dog.

  • mob_retriever_only_carry_dog = false

By default, Dogs extend their bounding box covering the passengers to avoid suffocating them while calculating the appropriate path. Set this to false to disable it, but be warned, although Mob Retriever Dogs will still try to calculate the appropriate path while carrying another mob, there might be accidental suffocations.

  • wolf_mount_passenger_collision = true

By default, Conducting Bone users can summon their Dogs even when they are in other dimensions. Set this to false to limit Conducting Bone Users to only summon Dogs of the same dimension.

  • conducting_bone_cross_origin = true

Determine if Dog's incapacitated value should be reset when taking any damage while being Injured.

  • incap_val_reset_when_hurt = true

Set the maximum amount of wolves each player can train to DTN's Dogs. If a player meet or exceed this cap, he will not be able to train more wolves into DTN's Dogs. Set this to a value greater than Zero to activate this cap, other value will disable the cap, meaning players can get unlimited dogs.

  • train_wolf_limit = -1

Determine if Dogs summoned from Doggy Charms will have random Classical Variants instead of always being summoned as Pale.

  • random_var_with_charm = true

Some DTN's Wolf Variants are required to spawn on Biomes which does not contains the current Wolves_Spawnable_On Blocks. This option allows wolves to spawn on those block (if spawning in one of the biomes in question, this settings have no effect on the rest of the usual biomes.

  • extended_wolves_spawnable_block = true

Some vanilla Wolf Variants are bound to not one but a family of biomes which some of them they don't actually chunk-generated spawn on. Allowing some of the DTN Wolf Variants in theory to override those biome without affecting the spawn chance of vanilla. For instance, Bamboo would override Rusty's chunk-generated/spawn-egg/summon spawn if the spawn happened specifically in the Bamboo Jungle Biome and because Rusty doesn't actually chunk-generated there (they only generate in Sparse Jungle), Bamboo wouldn't affect Rusty's spawn chance. Disable this if you prefer to keep the vanilla Wolf Variants bouned in those biomes previously mentioned instead of being overriden by DTN.

  • wolf_variant_override_exclusive = true

Some DTN Wolf Variants are required to spawn in the Nether. This option enables them to bypass the Default animal spawn rule which make them unable to spawn in darker place such as the Nether. This bypass only applies when the wolf in question chunk-generated spawns in the Nether.

  • nether_wolf_spawn_bypass = true

Using a Wolf Spawn Egg with a special custom name on a block will spawn a special DTN wolf variant.

  • vscode_wolf_spawn_egg = true

Allow Doggy Tools Dogs to use Trident.

  • doggy_tools_trident = true

Allow Doggy Tools Dogs's projectiles to pass through allies instead of just despawning if hit. Notice that this option does not affect Crossbow projectile and will cause Dog to interpret any third-party arrows as vanilla's arrow. Disable this, if you prefer Dogs to utilize third-party Arrows as it is. Regardless, the arrows fired from Dog will do no harm to allies.

  • doggy_tools_projectile_pass_allies = true


Directory: <your_minecraft_folder>\saves\<your_world_name>\serverconfig\doggytalents-talents.toml

You can disable talents by setting the value to false.

Respawn Tag

Directory: <your_minecraft_folder>\saves\<your_world_name>\serverconfig\doggytalents-respawn_tags_to_remove.toml

Specify the Strategy to be used when picking which data to keep and remove when a Dog gets unloaded into DTN Respawn Storage

  • 0: Removes all tags, keeping only the Dog's Owner, the Dog's Age, DTN's saved data and additional tags provided by tags_to_keep below.
  • 1: Keep all tags, and remove certain tags specified in respawn_removal_tags except important DTN tags.
  • Other: Defaulted to 0
  • Range: > -2147483648
    • restore_strategy = 0 respawn_removal_tags = [] tags_to_keep = []

Legacy Config (no longer used)


The time in ticks it takes for a baby dog to become an adult, default 48000 (2 Minecraft days) and minimum 0.

Range: > 0

  • time_to_mature = 48000

Determines if dogs should whine when hunger reaches below 20 NP.

  • whine_when_hungry = true

When enabled, dogs will path and eat edible items in the world.

  • eat_food_on_floor = true