Immortal Dogs

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"Tired of having to go all the way back home to respawn your dog when he, unfortunately, dies when you are adventuring somewhere far away?

The good news is, Immortal Dogs' - A huge feature of Classic Doggy Talents, is back!"'

Enabling the feature

This behavior is enabled by default.

To disable it for a specific world

  1. Navigate to that world's directory.
  2. Locate config folder.
  3. Open doggytalents-server.toml file
  4. Set immortal_dogs = false.

Disabling the visuals

If you are too sensitive to blood or injuries, you may consider disabling the rendering of the visuals involved:

  1. Navigate to that world's directory.
  2. Locate config folder.
  3. Open doggytalents-server.toml file
  4. Set render_incapacitated_overlay = false.

Notice: There is now an option to substitute a friendlier injured texture to be rendered instead.


  • Let's say, your dog encounters the unimaginable, and his health hits 0, by default, he will, as you know, die.
  • For this behavior, the dog doesn't die. Instead, he goes into another mode called Injured.

Notice: However if the dog's health hits 0 because of void damage then the dog will still die. He still can be revived using his linked bed or commands.

  • If your dog starved to death, it must have a Golden A5 Wagyu in order to get back on its feet, Band-Aid don't work.

Injured Mode

  • It can't manually be accessible nor switchable by changing the mode on the Menu GUI.
  • In this mode, the dog is immobilized. He won't be able to listen to any commands or respond to any interactions from anyone including his owner. His health stays at 0.5 (hearts) and will no longer decrease upon receiving any damage.
  • His texture will also be changed (if graphic visuals are enabled). The textures signify the dog has been injured and is different based on how the dog "died", right now, the default texture signifies the dog is bleeding and only changes when the dog is burned, or poisoned, which he will render with additional "charred" spots with smoke and ashes, or green "poison stain" respectively.
Cause Kanji Meaning Kanji Image
Default -> fail, lose Default.png
Drown -> drown Drown.png
Poison -> poison Poison.png
Starve - > hunger, famine Starve.png
Burn 焼 -> grill, burn Burnt.png
  • Dogs cannot teleport in this mode.
  • Upon entering the mode, his Nourishment Points will be set to -64 and will gradually regenerate to 0. When it hits 0, the dog leaves the mode, his health and Nourishment Points will be maxed out and he will be considered fully recovered and ready for another adventure.
  • The Nourishment Points will reset to 0 whenever the dog is damaged by any source while healing.
  • The dog cannot consume any meat or food that normally regenerates Nourishment Points.

Bringing Your Best Friend Back to Action

For your dog to be fully recovered, his Nourishment Points have to reach 0. It will auto-regenerate little by little. This process will be extremely lengthy in time, which it should be, your dog should have some rest.

The process can luckily be sped up:

  • When the injured dog stays on a bed (including the unclaimed Dog Bed or the one your dog does not own or a vanilla bed), he will lie down, and his healing speed will be increased. It will, additionally, be further increased if the owner is less than 10 (blocks) nearby, and heart particles will start to appear in addition to that.
  • A Golden A5 Wagyu can be fed to him to also further increase the healing speed.
  • Band-Aid can be applied to speed up the healing process, if enough bandages (8) are applied, the dog can begin to walk.
    • Note: Every damage the dog takes will still cause the Nourishment Points to reset and additionally cause all of the bandages to drop.
  • The dog still won't be able to do anything up to this point besides following you, If there are empty beds (DTN or Vanilla) nearby your dog will stay there to rest.
  • You can Sneak + Right-click to pick the dog up using a Bone and carry him to a safe area.
  • If you are in a heated fight and you need your dogs immediately, you can always give them a Totem of Undying him/her and all of the nearby dogs, will exit the mode instantly.


  • Before 1.18.12, Injured Mode used to be called Incapacitated Mode, but the Devs changed it because it was mouthful.