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Before reporting a Bug

  1. Make sure you install the latest version and CORRECT version of DTN.
  2. Looking it up on the wiki, ensure that's intended by the Devs.
  3. If the bug persists, report the bug in the respective channel: (either through the Issue section on Github or #bugs-and-crash-report on our Discord server.

How do I file a bug/crash report?

Your report should follow this template. (if your report doesn't include all of the *, we won't be able to have enough information to work on, therefore will be discarded.

*Title: A brief, descriptive title for the bug (e.g. “Crash when opening inventory”).

Description: A short summary of the bug and its impact.

*Steps to Reproduce:
Step 1: Describe the first action.
Step 2: Describe the second action.
Step 3: Describe the third action.

Expected: (What you expected to happen.)
Actual: (What actually happened.)

Mod Loader + Version: (eg. NeoForge 21.0.87)
Minecraft Version:  (eg. 1.21)
Doggy Talents Next Version: (eg. 1.18.20-neopatch1)

Include any relevant screenshots, logs, or videos.
*If it's a crash, please provide the FULL crash log.

(* is mandatory.)

The report form will save us a lot of time so take your time to fill it in.

How do I access the crash log?

Go to <your_minecraft_directory> and zip your log folder and send it to us. If the log folder is too large then identify the moment when the bug/crash happens then send us that as well as all of the debug files + the latest log.

Core Features

How do I get a dog?

Why can't I open the Dog Menu?

  • Have you trained the dog yet? If you already trained but it still doesn't work, then you can report that to us in Github or Discord.

How does Dog hunger work?

  • Once this number reaches 0, the dog will begin to take damage (basically starving) until it either dies or reaches 1 HP. See more here.

How do I take off/put on a Dog's Accessory?

  • Locate Dog Menu -> Style tab -> Accessory. Left-click on the Accessory that you want to take off/put on in the See more here.
  • Additionally, you can quickly equip an accessory by Right-clicking on the Dog with the accessory.

Why some of the Dog Beds aren't showing up in the recipe/creative menu?

  • The Dog Beds in Creative are randomly generated to a certain limit whenever the player boots up the world to avoid performance issues. Since the Dev wanted to make it so every wood type is applicable, including modded ones.
  • Even if the beds aren't showing up on the menu, it is possible to craft them using this recipe.

Why my Dog Beds' texture is broken/missing?

  • If you're using Fabric with Sodium, you need to also install Indium as well.
  • For JEI users, DTN hasn't provided support for JEI yet so for now you the quick crafting recipe in JEI's Menu is unavailable. Istead, you have to manually craft them using this recipe.
  • Let us know in the Discord server if you don't see yourself on this list, or the problem persists.

My dog died/has a bloody texture! What do I do?

Don't worry, this feature is intended! You just need to take good care of your dog and it'll be right back on its paws! See more here.


I want to use BDxDTN (or any Skin Addons) on a server, is the mod required to be installed on the server itself?

  • BDxDTN is a clientside mod. Therefore, you can join any server regardless if they have the mod loaded or not:
    • If both the client and server have DTN installed: The skins will still get saved and rendered correctly on clients with BDxDTN
    • If only the client has it installed: The skins will render as usual but only for the client, for the others, it would render as Classical.

About Compatibility with mods that modifies the respawn mechanics (eg. Pet Cemetery).

  • As of the recent updates, DTN will now block any attempt to respawn the dog from 3rd-party storage, as they will lead to duplications.

About Compatibility between DTN and a 3rd-party mod's feature that stores the dog in something. (eg. Carry On, Portable Mobs, Mobs in a Bucket, Ender Lead,...)

  • Both mods may co-exist without problem but DTN won't do compatibility anytime soon since it would lead to duplications, as the old DT suffered from.
  • DTN already provided you with a couple of solutions to transfer your dog, we recommend you use them instead. Some of them are:
    1. The Conducting Bone
    2. Head Carrying: Sneak + Right-clicking with a Bone.
    3. Riding your Dog
    4. Cross-Origin Teleport
    5. Heel Whistle Commands. etc...
  • In case you, however, accidentally use that item on the dog and the dog is discarded by that mod, you won't be able to retrieve your dog back from that mod since DTN prevents it due to Duplication Issues. To get your dog back, you must either:
    1. Use its linked bed.
    2. Right-click an unclaimed bed with a Totem Of Undying
    3. Use the Respawn Command

About Compatibility with Domestication Innovation and similar Tamable improvement mods.

  • Both mods can co-exist fine as long as you don't use any of certain DI features for DTN dogs.
  • We strongly recommend players to reserve the features that DI provides for Vanilla Tamables (ex: Vanilla Wolves) or other Tamable if compatible, instead of using it on DTN Dogs.
  • We already provided DTN Dogs with the features that Domestication Innovation has: <table>
Domestic Innovation DoggyTalentsNext (recommended)
Wander, Stay, Follow, Command Drum Dog Modes, Whistle.
Swing Through Pets, Sweeping Edge Changes Friendly Fire Option.
Pet Beds Dog Beds (All wood/wool combinations available) and DTN Dogs are immortal.

Thus, DTN will block any attempt to revive the dog from third-party storage.

Wayward Lantern Conducting Bone or Canine Tracker & Radio Collar.
Feather on a Stick Sneak+Right-click with a Bone to carry your dog on your head.

Look up and right-click to drop it down.

Deed of Ownership Amnesia Bone
Collar Tags You can rename DTN Dogs through the Dog Menu

As for Pet Enchantments

Currently, there is no guarantee that DI features applied on DTN Dogs will work without causing problems down the line.

  • For stable experience (recommended): The player can configure DI to exclude DTN Dogs if possible to avoid conflict.
  • For those who want to test:

According to our team testing so far, most enchantments may work. If you insist on making them work together, we would recommend you do it in a separate testing world to avoid corruption in your playthrough world.

Pet Enchantments Incompatibilities

So far here's the list of Pet Enchantments incompatibilities that we've discovered so far: <table>

Enchantments Why? Recommendation
Tethered Teleport might cause DTN dogs to disappear. DTN Dogs has Cross-Orgin tp option, and will always teleport to you whenever you're far away even when you teleport.
Amphibious might be a bit buggy. it's recommended to use Swimmer Dog, as it's more aesthetically polished and more stable + higher accuracy.

About Compatibility with mods that also add Rice or Agricultural features (eg. Farmer's Delight).

Short answer:

  • We won't be adding a config to disable our rice.

Long answer:

  • Rice is considered an integral part of DTN.  Rest assured that it can properly co-exist with other mods without causing too many problems.
  • Keep in mind that many crafting recipes use Rice (not to mention sub-recipes), all of which can be found here. In the future, there will possibly be more items that utilize Rice (and its sub-recipe items) in the recipe.
  • Not only that, certain items dropped/crafted from rice crops such as Koji: which is used for some core features of DTN, most notably Band-aids to aid in Recovering Injured Dogs.
  • Furthermore, the food we added also serves as an alternative food source to keep your dog well-nourished without relying on 3rd parties.
  • As for DTN 1.18.12+, DTN Dogs can eat pretty much anything the vanilla dog can (with the obvious exception of Rotten Flesh. This provides DTN Dogs with an even more sustainable food source than that of vanilla dogs.

But if you still wish to replace it, We won't give further instructions on this as it's not a recommended act and you'll have to search for tutorials on your own.


We won't do a "lite" version that excludes the rice. As it proves too much work for the current dev to maintain.

If you want to give us a paw, we'd be more than happy to know!

About Compatibility Fresh Animations.

Does Doggy Talents Next work with Fresh Animations?

The short answer is no.

Since Fresh Animation targets specifically the Vanilla Minecraft Wolf, which isn't our domain.

Although they look similar, DTN Dogs are entirely different entities (the IDs are different, the models are different,...)

Furthermore, DTN Dogs use their own Animation System which will not be easy to harmonize with Fresh Animations.


Why DTN is heavily Japanese-themed?

  • Short answer
    • As for now, the latest major update (The Nippon Update) revolves around the theme but don't worry, there will be BIGGER and BETTER future updates that will balance out the flavor!
  • Long answer
    • Most of DTN's technical advances like the Animation system, and the new Talents, and Accessories are all inspired by a Japanese-themed game (which you all may know about is OKAMI). We wanted to honor and embrace the Japanese culture as well as make the gameplay more unique.
  • Again, our aim is loud and clear that DTN is a Dog mod, not a Japanese mod.

Why does our file grow "exponentially" large during the recent updates?

  • Be rest assured that those extra megabytes won't affect your gameplay by any bit, since 70% of the size is comprised mostly of high-quality assets.

Will there be a Cat Talents mod/addon?

  • Although the DTN's Dev Artist loves cats and even owns one as well, it will not happen soon as currently the DTN Devs are laser-focusing on the aspect of Wolves/Dogs, and we prefer to choose quality over quantity, so you can expect once we have finished developing the Wolves/Dogs to the maximum potential, and only then we can move on to the next topic.
  • However, if you want to have a Cat model over a dog then feel free to follow our tutorial on how to make your customized skin addons. See here for a 2 part tutorial.